Modulator Series

Multi-Standard Modulator with Multi-format.

Breaking through limitations, a multi-format DTV modulator which maximizes the performance and capabilities with full support of worldwide standards. An advanced engine to simplify complexity of TV headend and customized TV distribution system.


Supports worldwide standards including DVB-T2 (subset of T2-base 1.3.1.)

Stream Engine

Supports maximum 20 sets of PID filtering and a Re-mux Engine for PSI insertion.

Stream Buffer

Regulates TS data flow, allow to integrate with all types of TS source.


Flexible media input interfaces, including TS and an USB port.

Applications for Modulation Series

A series

VATek Modulator Series is simple and cost efficiency than other solutions, specifically while delivering the signal to multiple receivers, such as the application of :

  •  USB Modulator Dongle
  •  Smart Headend
  •  Multi-Program Digital TV Headend
  •  IPTV to digital TV
  •  Satellite TV to Terrestrial & Cable TV