Enmoder Series

Multi-standard Encode Modulator for DTV.

As the world's first DTV modulator with built-in encoder, ENMODER Series is ultra-low-latency video encoder with full support of worldwide modulation standards. Simplifying complexity of TV headend and customized TV distribution system just with these chips.


Flexible media input interfaces which allows any HDMI source of your choice.

All in one

Built in MPEG-2\ H.264 real time encoder with modulator supporting all standards.


Colorbar and customize Bootlogo function, and Stream Engine supporting for PSI & CC function.


A cost efficiency, low power consumption, and ultra low latency solution with high reliability.

Applications for Enmoder Series

B series

We bring VATek “Multi-standard Encode Modulator” headend equipment as :

  •  HDMI \ CVBS \ SDI Encodulator
  •  Single Program Encodulator
  •  Compact Encodulator

  The Encodulator device is equipped with HDMI or a set of AV inputs and a RF output. The source signals may come from various devices such as USB, video players, laptops, and monitoring devices; therefore, the output signal can be inserted into the antenna system as an additional TV channel.
  As the Encodulator with both HDMI and USB 2.0 inputs, it provides outstanding solutions for hotels, hospitals, campus, and other closed system in which contents from various sources needs to be delivered to multiple televisions.