VATek is On Track to Introduce 4K Broadcast Solutions in 2020


VATek is on Track to Introduce 4K Broadcast Solutions in 2020

         VATek accelerates and is on track to introduce its first 4K broadcast solution based on the latest modulator chips for entry level UHD TV headend applications in 2020. We announce the plan to accelerate 4K broadcast commercialization at scale by introducing the new solution based on its DVB-T2 platforms in 2020.

         VATek delivers the world’s first and most advanced comprehensive modulation platform, including the first non-FPGA based DVB-T2 modulator in 2019. We decide to accelerate the 4K broadcast market and introduces the new solution using the already-in-the-market multi-media processor or encoder platforms. Estimate to bring new series of UHD solution to the market in 2020.


The Development of Smart Headend Solutions

         VATek also launches the new development of media platform with its up to date A3 modulator. Determining to unleash the potential of headend devices, it helps to expend the application fields of TV headend and brings the new idea to the market.

         The program will introduce a flexible solution with VATek's New smart headend framework to help manufactures accelerate their development & innovation with VATek’s products. First prototype product will focus on the IPTV-to-COFDM and Digital Signages applications. Expected to bring the first solution to the market in the early 2020.