VATek Dominates Digital TV Baseband SoC Market


VATek Continues to Dominate the Digital TV Baseband SoC Market

        VATek expends the product portfolio with latest GEN III product line in 2019. VATek's ENDMOER chips dedicate to bring the best solution to market, and the effort pays off in 2019. Most of compact encoder and modulator products are powered by VATek ENMODER chips.

        VATek has been a driving force behind the movement of TV headend market, and it continues to dominate in the entry-level & mid-tier Digital TV baseband chip market in 2019.


VATek GEN III Platforms Enables New Possibility for TV Headends.

        The VATek ENMODER platform aims to bring the amazing picture quality to entry-level headend devices with its outstanding compatibility and reliability and raises the bar for entry-level TV headend devices. Before that, only base-line AVC TV encoder available in the market, with terrible compatibility for Digital TV applications.

        Now featuring a high profile AVC encoder, VATek GEN III ENMODER Platform enables the new features to the market. It is a significant milestone for the entire headend industry. VATek is raising the bar for headend devices and brings the function were never existing before with other economic solutions.


VATek Drives Forward with is New Sloution

        Vatek is now expanding territory from Asia to European, Latin American, and other countries with its latest AVC, DVB-T2 & 4K solutions. Expecting new market will keep the momentum of growth going on in 2020.